Borussia Dortmund

Behind every great man there’s a great woman. Behind eleven great men there’s Evonik. 


You’ll only ever see Dortmund on their knees when they score.

Easter egg

Dear teachers, kids today can stay focused if they have the right goals in life.


If learning in your sleep really works, he’ll be playing for Borussia Dortmund in five years, max.


Bored between games? Here’s a fun idea from the Borussia Dortmund craft corner.

Mommy's favorite

Guess who’s mommy’s favorite?


However impossible it looks, Dortmunders always manage to maneuver it in.

Taken seats

Just like in the stadium: The best seats are always taken.


In Dortmund, winning has nothing to do with luck. And everything to do with willpower.

The Cup

Can’t blame them for aiming for the cup.

The 12th man

The 12th man is simply the best


People in Dortmund celebrate on balconies even when they’re notpart of city hall.

Great Concerts

Dortmund’s stadium is a very special place. It’s where great concerts and football games take place at the same time.


For some, they’re streetlights – for others, they’re floodlights.

Final preparations

Final preparations for the season in Dortmund: mowing the grass.


Sometimes evolution has excellent taste.


Creativity in Dortmund starts on home turf.

Study law

So why can’t you study law in Dortmund? Because Borussia Dortmund already has a strong defense.


Luckily, instant replay hasn’t found its way into homes just yet.


In Dortmund, every fan suits up for a kick.


Typical of Dortmund architecture: the ball-cony.


Jerseys are still the perfect way to dress for the ball.

That One

There’s one in every family.


Monster header spotted in Dortmund!


How practical! Almost every Dortmund home has a goal wall.

Dressing Room

Just like after summer, everyone’s waiting for someone to finally come out of the dressing room.

Going that Extra Meter

In Dortmund, sheer bliss is when you’re eleven meters away from a goal.


It may not be quite as loud as the South Stand. But it’s just as faithful.

Strong Bench

People in Dortmund appreciate a strong bench.

Extra Time

Detention is OK. After all, some results only count during extra time.

Kids (Schalke blue)

Here’s the proof: Love is blind!

Hummels (Munich)

Why do so many people from Dortmund go to Munich? To get further away from Schalke.

Strong Defense

How do people in Dortmund get their kids to eat vegetables? By telling them that vitamins build up defenses.


People in Dortmund prefer vacationing at home. Where else can you find a better view?

Garage door

What’s in the Europa League for Borussia Dortmund? The Chance of two more clashes with Schalke.


It’s a Borussia Dortmund fan’s dream – everyone buzzing around in black and yellow.

Technical skills

People in Dortmund are big fans of technical skills.


England is famous for its breathtaking thrillers. Tonight’s match will be one of them.

Fab Eleven

Liverpool is famous for The Fab Four. Dortmund is famous for its Fab Eleven.


There are 34 reasons why it’s OK to yell in front of your kids – Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga games.

Europe Tour

Dortmund’s most popular travel party is touring Europe again. The entertainment program includes Arsenal, Marseille and other fun games.


In Dortmund, they make the best out of every corner.


In Dortmund, babies come into the world especially fast. That’s probably because Dortmund always keeps on pushing.


Arsene knows. Jürgen, too.


Globalization is when Borussia Dortmund has to fly all the way to London to beat Bayern Munich!

Same show

Fans in Dortmund just want the same show as last year. Not even the Stones can get away with that.

Bounce house

Germany’s biggest bounce house has reopened its doors.

Soccer god

So there is a soccer god after all.


Our nominee for the Academy Award for "Best Picture".


You've done it, lads. All of Germany is in yellow and black.

Borussia Dortmund

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