Performance materials

Products, Markets, Applications

The forever young classics of the Performance Materials Division stand for products and technologies that we continuously improve. They are the basis for many modern applications, for example in the areas of mobility, nutrition, pharmaceuticals or plastics.

Acrylic acid is the main raw material for the production of superabsorbent polymers.

With the help of our alcoholates, Biodiesel can be produced from plant oils and used cooking fat.

The cable seal keeps cable dry.

Di-iso-Butene, Tert.-Butanol azeotrope, Tert.-Butanol pure and Trimethylhexanol are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

Among others, cyanoric chloride (CYC) is used in reactive dyes for the textile industry, as well as optical brighteners for the paper industry.

FAVOR® Superabsorber keep babies dry all over the world

The solution for soaker pads keeps food fresh.

MTBE (DRIVERON®) is used as an anti-knocking agent in gasoline fuels and is an enabler for cleaner fuels worldwide.

Isobutene is a versatile intermediate for the production of various fuel and lubricant additives, synthetic rubbers and specialty chemicals like e.g. fragrances and antioxidants.

The oxo alcohols INA and 2-PH are important raw material components in the manufacture of plasticizers. 2-PH is also used in the production of surfactants. Our plasticizers are manufactured on the basis of isononyl alcohol (INA), and are used primarily for the manufacture of soft-PVC products and in industries such as construction and automotive industries for example.

DRIVERON® S, DRIVOSOL® and ITDA are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

Potassium derivates often act as hidden agents in care products and in the food industry.

Our Rubber & PE Monomers are the co-monomers in the production of synthetic rubber, lattices and high-quality plastics.

STOCKOSORB® helps growers maximize available water.

Oxo oils and our linear oligomers, as well as the Phosphite Ligand are components for numerous industrial products and procedures.

The main application of TMT 15® is waste water treatment (removal of heavy metals) in combustion plants.