Into the future with energy

Energy & Utilities is a dependable and forward-thinking partner of facility operators at Evonik's integrated production sites. The BL provides a safe, need-based and economical supply of electricity, steam, natural gas and secondary energies, using modern and efficient technologies.

The unit ensures environmentally friendly disposal of residual materials around the clock to guarantee smooth site operation. As a global competence center, Energy & Utilities handles all concerns associated with Evonik's energy supply – economically, sustainably and with forward-thinking approaches.

The BL experts are responsible for the production, trading and procurement of energy along with emissions trading, evaluating renewable energies and energy consulting around the world. Evonik’s energy management system, certified according to ISO 50001, is an important part of this effort. Its purpose is to lower the company’s energy consumption in a continuous improvement process, using a systematic, long-term and sustainable approach. That strengthens competitiveness and reduces the carbon footprint.

Digital solutions and consulting by energy experts further enhance the process, ranging from analysis to optimization and implementation. The BL also advises the operative divisions of Evonik with custom-tailored strategies, e.g. on using electricity from renewable energies or replacing natural gas with biogas.

Moreover, Energy & Utilities makes an important contribution to sustainability by maintaining the company's own modern power plant inventory and managing the departure from coal-fueled technologies.