Professional site management and systematic site development

The Site Management business line ensures legally compliant and efficient site operation along with systematic site development. It enables facility operators to focus on their core business under optimal conditions.

The experts of Site Management take responsibility for site-specific processes, such as site and occupational safety as well as interaction with authorities and emergency management, in compliance with all statutory requirements. Our portfolio also includes managing real estate, technical plant safety and materials technology along with analytical services, especially in the areas of specialty chemicals and the pharmaceutical industry. Site Management increasingly relies on innovative solutions, including the use of multicopters in site security, a geographic information system and computer-aided facility management.

For the over 20,000 people working at our sites, we offer employee services such as health management, work-life balance, or catering. Our training unit for apprentices, which has repeatedly been recognized by the Capital business magazine, ensures the availability of qualified workers.

In addition to professional site management, the Site Management business line also provides systematic further development of sites. Its expertise ranges from resettlement activities to closing down entire sites.