Evonik uses a comprehensive integrated ESHQE management system that is valid worldwide. The management system is based on legal and normative frameworks and internal regulations. This supports a continuous improvement process in environmental performance.

The implementation of the Group-wide strategy and the binding management system is controlled by a central audit system. Our management system for the environment, safety, health, quality and energy applies to the entire Evonik Group.

Due to the construction and preparation phase required for new units, the rate of production volumes with ISO 14001 certificates fluctuates but is always between 95 and 100 percent.

We continued to roll out and improve our global ESHQ software, ESTER (Evonik Standard Tool ESHQ and Reporting), at all production sites worldwide in the reporting period. Three modules - incident management, hazard assessment, and management of change - are now in use worldwide. ESTER harmonizes processes throughout the Evonik Group, makes workflows leaner, and broadens our database so we can evaluate and improve our safety performance. All relevant indicators and reports are available in a central database (single point of truth), which is updated several times a day.