A fundamental part of the Group-wide strategy

The protection of

  • Health
  • Climate
  • Environment
  • Employees
  • Locations
  • Plants
  • Transports and
  • Particularly protective information

is one of the main challenges at Evonik and is our first priority, Turnover and profit.

It is a fundamental part of the Group-wide strategy for the safe and proper operation of our plants, laboratories, warehouses and offices, as well as for the implementation of security protection measures.

Evonik aims to strive to a proactive culture to achieve foster and protect in all areas of the organization through a structured global framework of Safety at Evonik.

The continuous development and implementation of ths strategy is supported by the ESHQ centrally controlled. This is done in close cooperation and coordination with the divisions and regions of the Group with which we jointly implement the measures and Track.


The protection of the environment is one of the key global challenges of our time.


Beside the global challenges to protect the environment, for us is safety the first priority.


It is important to us to protect and promote the health of our employees. Against the background of emographic development, we pursue the goal of performance and well-being of our employees.

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship at Evonik ensures that our products are in line with the applicable chemical law requirements as correctly registered and classified.

Group Security

The Group-wide management of the protection of employees, locations, facilities and transportations as well as particularly sensitive information is the core task of Group Security.