Governance & Compliance

Good and responsible management of the company (Corporate Governance) is not only an important element of Evonik’s corporate philosophy, it is also a sustainability topic of high relevance. That also applies to compliance – full observance of all applicable laws, internal regulations and binding voluntary commitments. You will find more regarding governance and compliance in the following pages.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance comprises all principles for the management and supervision of a company. In this regard corporate governance is an expression of good and responsible corporate management and a key element in Evonik’s management philosophy.


Observing compliance rules strengthens the trust of our business partners, shareholders and general public in Evonik and its employees. Therefore, every employee is required to respect our compliance rules. 

Code of Conduct and Whistleblower System

The Evonik Code of Conduct summarizes the most important external and internal principles and rules. All employees must be familiar with these. It outlines the fundamental legal obligations of the Evonik employees and provides a secure basis for their correct business conduct.
Evonik does not tolerate any violations of applicable laws or the Evonik Code of Conduct.