Evonik runs four sites in France: In Ham, Lauterbourg, Roussillon and Parcay - Meslay.

Evonik Rexim S.A.S.

Located in Ham (Hauts de France), Evonik Rexim S.A.S. specializes in highly purified amino acids and their derivatives for the benefit of the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries. 93% of its production is exported abroad.

Evonik AEROSIL France S.A.R.L.

The Evonik AEROSIL France S.A.R.L plant is located in the Roussillon Chemical Platform, an industrial hub 50 km south of Lyon, and belongs to the Silica Business Line.

Evonik Oil Additives S.A.S.

Located in Lauterbourg (Grand Est), Evonik Oil Additives S.A.S. produces and markets additives for high-performance lubricants and refining additives mainly for the oil industry.

Evonik Advanced Botanical S.A.S.

Located in Parçay-Meslay (Centre-Val de Loire), Evonik Advanced Botanicals produces and markets biotechnology-based active ingredients for the cosmetics sector.