The history of the Halle/Westphalia site goes back to 1919.

The commercial chemical company Henning and Kipper was founded in Bielefeld in 1919. Two years after the company was founded, manufacture of the pain reliever Quadronal began, which was the moment when ASTA-Werke AG came into being.

In the following decades, products such as Kamillosan, Treupel's Tablets, Honvan and the cytostatic drug Endoxan were developed.

In 1978, the former Degussa AG acquired two-thirds of the shares of ASTA-Werke AG. In 1987, ASTA-Werke AG—a wholly owned subsidiary of Degussa AG—was renamed ASTA Medica.

In 1999, the former Degussa AG divested itself of ASTA Medica, retaining only the research facility of what is today Evonik Industries AG.

The current research facility belongs to the Health & Nutrition Business Unit's Bioproducts Business Line.