With a huge success on the markets, Evonik Industries AG produces biodegradable specialty surfactants at its Goldschmidt Rewo facility in Steinau an der Straße (Germany), primarily for the cosmetics and detergent industry.

The production site is situated in the middle of green trees, but also conveniently close to the A66 expressway between Hanau and Fulda and belongs to Evonik’s Consumer Specialties Business Unit.

They produce numerous additives for the use in skin and hair care products such as shampoos, shower or bubble baths, gel shampoos, baby shampoos or medical washing lotions on a natural basis. Furthermore, they develop skin-friendly surfactants for the cleaning, polishing, and personal care industries such as surfactants for dishwashing liquid, car shampoos, household detergents, and industrial cleaning. They also synthesize active substances for laundry care products in large quantities that give textiles a soft touch, improve drying and ironing. 

And finally, they produce specialty products for the metalworking, the paper and textile producing and the construction industry. 

While a significant quantity of starting materials enters the plant in tank cars by rail, the majority of finished products leaves the plant in tankers by road. With a production volume of more than 100,000 metric tons per year, a good logistics department is a must. Around one third of the products goes to customers in Germany, the rest is mostly sent to Eastern and Western European states.

Vocational training, locally offered for the professions of chemical worker and industrial sales representative, and further education are of high priority at the site. Almost one third of the overall staff are former trainees. Thanks to its highly committed employees and future-oriented investment among other things, the site is well prepared for the future.

At a glance

Employees: 209
Area: 70,000 sqm
Products: Esterquats, betaine/sulfosuccinate, amphoteric surfactants


Evonik Industries AG
Goldschmidt Rewo facility
Max-Wolf-Straße 7
36396 Steinau a. d. Straße
+49 6663 54-0
+49 6663 54-287