MedPalett A.S.  

Evonik Industries acquired the MedPalett AS company, with headquarters in Sandnes (Norway), on March 3, 2016. MedPalett AS specializes in food ingredients containing anthocyanins. The acquisition helps Evonik expand the portfolio of its Health Care Business Line in the area of advanced food ingredients.

The MedPalett production, administrative, and commercial site is located on the west coast of Norway in the city of Sandnes. Its main B2C product is MEDOX®, a food supplement delivered orally in capsules containing anthocyanins extracted from Scandinavian bilberries and blackcurrants from New Zealand. MedPalett also produces HEALTHBERRY® in powder form with similar antioxidant properties; this product is marketed to nutraceutical partners and is a MedPalett B2B business.