Leading beyond chemistry to improve life, today and tomorrow.

Why we do what we do.

Our purpose is the cornerstone of our performance pledge: “Leading beyond chemistry to improve life, today and tomorrow.” It can be traced back to our company’s roots and describes why we do something, what drives us and the contribution Evonik makes to society over and above generating profits. 

At Evonik, we go beyond chemistry to make life a little better day in, day out – a goal we are committed to. We aim to have a direct, positive impact on everyone’s life by enhancing the properties of our customers’ products. Our purpose is hence the driving force behind our strategic decisions, through which we naturally take responsibility for the present and future generations. 

Our mission: to go beyond chemistry

Our reason for being, our purpose, is reflected in all areas of our company. It is part of our identity.

We want to give people greater quality of life.

Evonik makes everyday life better by enhancing the properties of products, such as the scratch resistance of coatings or the tolerability of medicines. At the same time, we can contribute to improving the quality of life by investing in our strategic research unit and continuing to strengthen our social commitment.

We help ensure fitness for the future.

Evonik is ready for the future. Because we are constantly evolving, whether it’s finding innovative and sustainable solutions, lending fresh impetus to research or investing in promising start-ups. 

We create prospects for our employees. 

Evonik is a reliable employer. This commitment breathes life into what drives us, making it tangible in our every move. It is how we give meaning to our work.

We pave the way for innovation.

Evonik improves product offerings and services. Because we understand the challenges and come up with superior solutions time and again. By harnessing our creative impetus and unbiased thinking, we create sustainable products as they are more efficient to manufacture and have longer useful lives.


Good intentions alone are not enough – they need to be visible to everyone. We can proudly say that our success is readily borne out by our figures. Our latest sustainability report highlights what is important to us and which targets we are working toward to find solutions that make a difference. Because we want to make life better day in, day out.


of our sales are generated with products and solutions whose sustainability is at minimum in line with the market reference level.


of our sales are attributable to our Next Generation Solutions. These are products and solutions with a clearly positive sustainability profile that is above or even well above the market reference level.


of our largest raw material suppliers have undergone sustainability assessments, as there is nothing more important to us than protecting the environment for future generations.


of our workforce are trainees. This puts us well above the German average of around five percent for the chemical industry. We consider it our responsibility to give young people the chance to get their careers off to a successful start.


per week were filed by Evonik in 2022. This very clearly illustrates how we combine innovation with sustainability.


informed: thanks to our current sustainability report .