Culture of innovation


Every year, Evonik looks for an entrepreneur among its employees. The aim is for employees to hone their visionary thinking and develop their ideas for new projects. But what is an entrepreneur?

In this case, Evonik entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs in the company who advance their own idea and develop it into a business. Entrepreneurs are exceptionally creative and enthusiastic people. They are fired up about their idea and have the ability to motivate a team comprised of different people.

The Entrepreneurship Award is part of the Global Ideation Jam that Evonik always launches at the beginning of each year to find extraordinary ideas with potential for innovation. A panel of experts selects the six most promising ideas. The teams behind them, mostly young scientists, are then given time to prepare their projects for the finals. Afterwards, the panel selects the best project proposal and an entrepreneur who is allowed to develop the idea further.

The grand finale will show who has developed a functioning business idea from their idea. From the online ideation to the offline collaboration of the teams to the finals, the process is interactive and spans different departments. Participants can share their knowledge, provide food for thought, and make contacts.

Experiences and expectations