Facts & Figures

R&D at Evonik

R&D expenses (2022)

€443 million

R&D ratio


No. of new patent applications filed (2022)


Patents held and applications filed

approx. 23,000

R&D employees

approx. 2,700

R&D locations

more than 40

RD&I has more than 40 locations worldwide and around 2,700 R&D employees. R&D expenses totaled €443 million in 2023. The ratio of R&D expenses to sales was 2.9 percent (2022: 2.5 percent). At present, our operational chemicals divisions account for around 83  percent of our R&D expenses, while Creavis accounts for 14 percent. In the reporting period, some of our projects received funding from the European Union or the Federal Republic of Germany. In all, we received funding of around €3.7 million. Evonik has an extensive patent strategy to protect new products and processes. The value and quality of our patent portfolio have increased steadily in recent years. In 2023, 227 new patent applications were submitted, and we had around 23,000 patents and pending patents.

To position ourselves close to our customers with our innovative ideas, minimize geopolitical risks, and enable us to respond quickly to regional trends, we are driving forward our globalization strategy, for example, through innovation hubs in attractive growth regions. Outside of Germany, we currently have innovation hubs in:

  • Allentown (Pennsylvania, USA): research focuses on applications for amines, high-performance polymers, and polyurethanes 
  • Mumbai (India): research focuses on formulations for the pharmaceuticals industry, catalysts for oils and lubricants, and the development of applications for construction and agriculture 
  • Shanghai (China): research focuses on applications for lithiumion batteries, cosmetics, and silicone  
  • Singapore: research focuses on cell cultures and skin models, coating additives, and photopolymers


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