Open Innovation

Industry Cross Innovation (IXI)

The success of Evonik’s research and development efforts depends not only upon close relationships with current customers, but also the expansion of these connections outside of our normal value chains.

Corporate Innovation’s Industry Cross Innovation (IXI) team is instrumental in reaching out to these “unusual” partners in markets and applications that are attractive for Evonik. The relationships built by IXI create Open Innovation opportunities through cross-sector technology expertise, and promotes collaboration opportunities, particularly with innovation partners who do not yet have direct customer relations with Evonik.

By identifying and initiating market-driven co-creation projects, IXI is able to secure strategic innovation partnerships and identify new markets at an early stage to contribute to the company’s growth. A series of newly launched cooperations with partners from various industries shows how IXI can create market-ready solutions through cross-industry exchange. These successes also demonstrate that the bundling of technology and market competencies along, or across, the value chain brings value to Evonik and our IXI partners.

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