elements 60 is out!

More and more people are actively striving to improve their health and are turning to food supplements in the process. The new issue of elements reports on how a team from the Health Care Business Line plans to succeed in this attractive but competitive growth market.

The magazine also features striking examples of innovations in established markets, such as a new production process for methyl methacrylate developed by Evonik that is not only especially resource-efficient but also uses the most readily available raw materials, ethylene and methanol; and a novel, biocide-free antifouling coating that will protect ship hulls against biofouling without endangering other marine life.

Innovations are made by people, some of whom are featured in the current issue of elements; among them is Dr. Harald Schwager, the new deputy chairman of the Executive Board of Evonik.

That good things are not necessarily new is proven by the 20-year collaboration between Evonik and the renowned Leibniz Institute for Catalysis e.V. (LIKAT) at the University of Rostock, which also receives due recognition in elements 60.