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Encourage your car to go further

Motivated by higher fuel efficiency and emissions standards, DRIVON™ automotive lubrication technology from Evonik reduces fuel consumption by 3-4 percent across the powertrain.

The transportation industry continues to face significant challenges from stringent requirements for improved fuel efficiency, emissions compliance and enhanced performance. Evonik’s DRIVON™ technology enables lubricant marketers to formulate modern, cost-efficient engine oils, transmission fluids and gear oils.

VISCOPLEX® and VISCOBASE® products from the DRIVON™ technology toolbox are true design elements for fuel efficiency. These products provide an expanded performance envelope.

As part of Evonik’s DRIVON™ technology platform, comb polymers improve the viscosity performance of powertrain lubricants over a wide temperature range. In addition, comb polymers work within the components of a powertrain to enhance durability and control viscosity, even under severe mechanical shearing of the lubricant. They have even been shown to reduce fuel consumption by 3-4 percent across the powertrain, helping automotive manufacturers meet challenging requirements.

In-service, no-harm tests and millions of miles of end user experience give lubricant marketers and OEMs confidence to adopt DRIVON™ technology. Evonik has made an uncompromising commitment to ensure that its products, processes and services meet the highest standards of consistent quality for its customers.

Evonik is presenting not only DRIVON™ as a featured technology this year at the 73rd STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, but also DYNAVIS™ for high performance hydraulic fluids, NUFLUX™ for efficient industrial gear oils, and PPDs to meet low-temperature challenges in stand #103.

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