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Eyewear in the color of the year

Evonik follows new trends and presents its TROGAMID®, a permanently transparent polyamide which is light, strong, and easy to color - also in “purple”, the trend color of 2018.

In 2018, the fashion world is “purple”. However, the provocative color has become increasingly perceived since the American Pantone Color Institute announced “ultra violet” as the trend color of the year 2018. Evonik follows new ideas and will present at this year MIDO Eyewear Show in Milan its TROGAMID®, a permanently transparent polyamide which is light, strong, and easy to color - not only “purple”.

TROGAMID® T5000, an amorphous polyamide with a transparency of 90%, is an ideal material for optical manufacturers. Compared to other transparent polyamides, the high-performance polymer offers higher recovery and rigidity. Moreover, the material is especially suitable for manufacturing thin frames and semi-rimless eyewear frames, which can significantly reduce the frame weight without affecting material performance. This in turn greatly improves wearing comfort.

Lighter, stronger and more efficient

Lightweight design is particularly relevant for the optical industry. The high strength and rigidity of TROGAMID® T5000 enables the production of thinner and lighter eyewear frames. Additionally, TROGAMID® T5000 is more resilient than heavier conventional frames, which translates into greater freedom for designers.

While consumers tended to focus on aesthetics in the past, they now place greater emphasis on product quality and performance. Optical manufacturers carefully consider material properties for their choices. TROGAMID® T5000 is characterized by its easy processing and coloring properties that save time and money for maximum efficiency.

Cooperation of Evonik and Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen)

This application was developed and implemented as part of a cooperation between Evonik and Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen).

Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., established in 1996, specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of eyewear products.

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