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First probiotic created from own development

Evonik launches new probiotic GutCare® PY1 in Asia and targets Chinese market first.

  • Asia market entry for new GutCare® PY1
  • First probiotic created from own development
  • Product will be launched in India shortly

Evonik is to offer its probiotic GutCare® PY1 to the Asian market for the first time by launching the new product in China. The move comes as part of the group’s strategy of assuming a leading role in developing sustainable and antibiotic-free animal nutrition over the next few years. GutCare® PY1 will be presented to the Chinese market as part of the China Feed Expo in Fuzhou. With a focus on poultry, this new product is the first probiotic from the company’s own development and was first introduced to the US-market in January 2017.

"In addition to the US and Brazil, China is one of the largest markets for poultry production with a growing demand for animal protein. With our broad portfolio of amino acids and probiotics, we are able to fully support our customers on the road to sustainable and antibiotic-free animal nutrition", says Dr. Emmanuel Auer, Head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik. In the coming months, GutCare® PY1 will also be available in India, and by the end of 2018 Evonik aims to be present in every Asian country with at least one probiotic.

GutCare® PY1 contains the strain Bacillus subtilis DSM 32315 and has a positive effect on a healthy gut balance which has been scientifically proven by numerous studies (in vitro and in vivo).
A healthy gut microbiome can help to prevent inflammatory diseases that can lead to high costs in livestock production. Commonly caused by pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens, such diseases are responsible for several billion US dollars of damage to the livestock industry annually.

"We are very pleased to now be able to offer GutCare® PY1 in Asia following its early success in the US market. Our initial ongoing studies with customers confirm the potential of the bacterial strain. So far these results show that we have taken the right path with the development of our product, and this knowledge will help us further in our future product and application development", says Peter Freisler, Head of Gut Health Solutions at Evonik.

In addition to product development, Evonik is also focusing on deciphering the mechanisms of the chicken gut. Our new simulation model will help to describe the interactions between nutrition, the immune system and the intestinal microbiotia in vitro with the aim of reducing knowledge gaps. Based on these findings, a second step will be the development of new probiotics and feed additives that can help improve the chickens' overall health.

Evonik can build on its experience from over 60 years in the production of essential amino acids. Evonik supports customers in more than 100 countries to produce healthy and affordable food for the growing world population whilst conserving natural resources and reducing the ecological footprint.

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