Security at Evonik

As a global leader in specialty chemicals, Evonik faces the daily challenge and economic necessity of bringing products quickly from the idea stage to market maturity. In the same way, Evonik also places the highest demands on the cyber security of its IT, networked devices, apps and web applications.  

Would you like to report a security vulnerability?

Are you a security researcher or white hat hacker and have you ever discovered a security vulnerability (e.g. in products, services, websites and other infrastructure components) that you would like the company concerned to close at short notice?

Or do you have information about a security incident and would like to contact the responsible security department?

If the company concerned is Evonik Industries AG or its subsidiaries, please contact us via Contact Form (If required, we can also provide you with our PGP key for encrypted transmission in this way)

Your report should ideally contain this information:

  • Affected product/application/website
  • Description of the vulnerability or incident
  • If available: Proof-of-concept, exploit or network captures

We take reported vulnerabilities and security incidents seriously. Your information facilitates the work of our security experts in particular, in order to ensure a high level of security for Evonik Industries AG, continuously.