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SAE World Congress & Exibition

Full speed ahead for the auto show

Over the next few days, six Evonik employees will report on their tasks, preparations, goals, and challenges in the lead-up to and at the SAE auto show in Detroit. There will be helium balloons, innovations and upside-down cars…

Ultra-light and robust fuel lines, scratch-resistant materials for car interiors, or new lubricants to help save fuel – in April, Evonik will present new products for the automotive industry at the SAE in Detroit, the show organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The Evonik employees will take advantage of the show to hold intensive discussions with their customers and partners.

The SAE World Congress & Exhibition is the major trade show for the automotive industry in North America. In addition to suppliers, the leading automotive manufacturers such as General Motors and Ford are also represented. Last year’s show featured 1,500 specialist presentations on the topic of the car. To Dr. Oliver Eyrisch, head of Evonik for Automotive, Evonik’s appearance at the show is especially important: “For Evonik, the SAE is a very important event for networking with decision makers of the automotive industry and offers suggestions for innovations. Our team is pulling out all the stops to ensure a successful presence at the show.”

And who are the people on the Evonik team - let’s meet them. In the coming days, six Evonik employees will provide an insight into their SAE experiences and challenges. Very soon, there will be helium balloons, innovations and upside-down cars… but you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out more, so watch this space!

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