1979: Girls in male professions
1979: Girls in male professions

40 Years ago - 1979

Girls in male professions

What seems natural today was a sensation at that time: For the first time in 1979 young women started training in what is known as men's occupations at today's Chemical Park.

On September 3, 1979, an important step was taken towards achieving equal opportunities for men and women working at the present-day Chemical Park. Under the bold slogan “Girls in male professions” young women began regular vocational training for the first time in traditional male professions such as machine fitter, technical draughtsman, instrumentation and control engineer, and electrical systems installer.

Although women had performed male-dominated jobs prior to this, especially during the two world wars, they had only ever been “tolerated” temporary workers. The introduction of regular technical training for women was an important step in the right direction, to be followed in 1994 by the lifting of the ban on night work for women, who since then have also been seen “on shift”.

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