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Greater efficiency thanks to lower friction

The innovative polyether ether ketone (PEEK) powders VESTAKEEP® developed by Evonik significantly reduce the wear and tear of components in demanding industrial applications.  

PEEK powders for demanding applications

The PEEK powders of Evonik's VESTAKEEP® brand are particularly suitable for applications that are subject to extreme mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements. The coating material is able to withstand permanent operating temperatures of up to 250°C and is characterized by its unique ability to resist abrasion and chemicals. 

Thanks to the excellent tribological performance of coatings made from specially developed VESTAKEEP® powders , the friction between sliding surfaces is significantly reduced, which in turn increases efficiency and economy of operation – for example lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions in combustion engines, extended service life of bearings, or higher turbine speeds. These special VESTAKEEP® coatings also allow for employing more cost-efficient substrate materials for components used in applications with sliding friction. 

High performance in powder form

The various VESTAKEEP® PEEK powders are comprised of particles with average particle sizes ranging from 5 to 110 µm. They can be applied by flame and electrostatic spraying methods, or as aqueous dispersions. With electrostatic application, layer thicknesses can range from 20 and 300 µm; dispersions are suitable for thinner layers.

Based on over forty years of experience, Evonik has been a leader in the development and production of high performance polymers. VESTAKEEP® PEEK powders are part of the high-temperature polymers product portfolio offered by the Resource Efficiency Segment.

To learn more about tribological coatings made from VESTAKEEP® PEEK by Evonik, visit our booth 323 in Hall 7A at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg from April 4-6.

Caption: New VESTAKEEP® PEEK powders for tribological coatings.