Honored Climate Strategy

„Carbon Disclosure Project“ praises the extensive climate reporting of Evonik. The Group convinces in all major areas of the valuation.

Evonik’s climate strategy continues to be ranked at the leadership level in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2017. The Group finished with above-average scores in all major areas of the CDP – Governance and Strategy, Risk and Opportunity Management, Emissions Management, and Verification. For comparison, other chemical companies who took part this year on average reached the classification “C”.

Evonik earned a “B” for its extensive and transparent reporting in the water sector. The score stands for the management level that certifies coordinated action. Evonik is also pursuing a leadership-level ranking in this area with its water stress analysis activities that were begun in late 2017 and the resulting recommendations for action.

As a not-for-profit organization, CDP is currently the largest and most important global initiative of the financial sector associated with climate change. Over 800 institutional investors with assets exceeding US$ 100 trillion currently support the study. Once a year, CDP collects data and information on company CO2 emissions, climate risks, water management and reduction targets and strategies on their behalf. Investors can then derive risk profiles of the analyzed companies from this data and use them in the scope of their investment decisions.

The CDP Chemicals Report 2017, entitled "Catalyst for Change" was released in October 2017 to update the first worldwide comparison of chemical companies conducted in 2015. According to the report, Evonik has particular strengths in the area of process innovations and the R&D budget. However, the authors see further potential for improvement in the continued reduction of water intensity in production, additional conversion of the internal energy mix to include less CO2-intensive primary energy sources, the introduction of internal CO2 prices for project evaluation as well as the definition of a long-term goal for reducing greenhouse gases.

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