How to Make Invisible Ink With Baking Soda

We know times are stressful. To lighten things up, here’s a fun and easy experiment you can try at home with your kids!

You will need: Paper, water, baking soda, light bulb or other heat source, paintbrush/cotton swab

1. Mix equal parts water and baking soda. This will be your invisible ink!

2. Use a paintbrush, cotton swab, or similar tool to write an invisible message on a piece of paper.

3. Allow the “invisible ink” to dry.

4. Hold the paper up to a heat source (light bulb, hairdryer). The baking soda will cause the writing in the paper to turn brown.

5. Voila! The secret message has been revealed.

Tip: Don't have baking soda? Lemon juice works as well!