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How we protect the environment with healthy fish

Fish is not only tasty, but also worthwhile from an ecological point of view: As the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has stated, aquaculture has the lowest CO2 footprint and the lowest consumption of resources compared to livestock farming on land.

What we are doing:

Evonik makes good things even better: The company supports aquaculture farmers in their efforts to raise healthy fish with even more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving methods. That is important because 86% of wild fish stocks are already used up to their limits or even over-fished. Aquaculture is the only way to sustainably meet the rising demand for fish by the world’s population.

Water quality is crucial to ensure that fish grow up healthy and provide great meat quality. Hydrogen peroxide by Evonik can help to ensure this farming success. The hydrogen peroxide solution ASPERIX® Vet, for example, is manufactured according to GMP standards and fights sea lice in farmed salmon. As an environmentally friendly alternative to special insecticides, the molecule fully decomposes into water and oxygen after treating the fish. As a result, the fish are immediately suitable for human consumption.

When fish are not raised in open water, but in artificial ponds or pools, freshwater consumption is a key indicator of sustainability. Some 90 percent of this water is already recirculated today. Peroxides, powerful oxidizing agents that help fight pathogenic germs, can make an important contribution to recycling utility water. In the right dosage, they support the operation of sensitive biofilters and eliminate persistent organic trace substances to ensure excellent water quality.