20 YEARS AGO - 1997

In Indonesia for the first time

In Bekasi near the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Th. Goldschmidt AG was involved in the foundation of the PT. Goldschmidt Sumi Asih joint venture on November 14 that operated a surfactant production facility in Bekasi which had been in existence since 1994.

The stake of initially 50% was first increased to 75% in 1999 and then to 100% in 2013. Today, additives for the cosmetic industry and the household care industry in the greater Southeast Asian region are produced at the site for Evonik Industries.



Munich-based VIAG AG replaced the Goldschmidt family as the main shareholder of Th. Goldschmidt AG in its 150th year of existence. VIAG (which until then had held 17.8% of Goldschmidt) announced on April 21 of that year that it had reached agreement with Rütgerswerke AG (27.9%) and Allianz AG (10.5%) on taking over these companies’ blocks of shares. The takeover was completed at the annual shareholders’ meeting on June 27. Goldschmidt was integrated into the VIAG chemical subsidiary SKW Trostberg AG until 1999, but initially remained an independent business unit. This situation only changed in the 2000s with the integration into the Degussa Group, which subsequently became Evonik Industries.

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