Corporate Governance


Code of Conduct of Evonik

A company's success is largely built on trust—not only on that of its business partners, shareholders and the public but also and especially on that of its employees.

But trust cannot be taken for granted. It has to be earned by ensuring transparency, reliability and fairness. With this in mind, we have developed this Code of Conduct for all Evonik employees. It is intended to guide and support us all in our day-to-day work. Markets and cultures are growing closer together, which results in greater challenges due to the multiple and more complex regulatory regimes that have to be observed. 

The Code of Conduct is binding on all Evonik employees and applies worldwide—whether in business, public life or in dealings with government authorities and institutions, but also in our daily activities and behaviours within the Group.

Group-wide whistleblower system

This also includes taking responsibility and pointing out misconduct - be it the own or that of coworkers. The following four reporting channels are available for that purpose: All employees can speak to their direct supervisor, the responsible Compliance Officer or the Corporate Division Legal & Compliance. Furthermore, Evonik offers the option to report information via a special Intranet page (hotline). If an employee chooses this channel the management division cannot check with the employee or give feedback. All employees are free to add contact details. The hotline is managed by the Corporate Division Legal & Compliance. All incoming information will be kept strictly confidential.