50 YEARS AGO - 1967

Isophorone from Herne for Paints and Coatings

A milestone in the history of isophorones, still important coating raw materials, was the commissioning of the first unit at the Herne plant, which at the time still belonged to Hibernia AG but was integrated into Hüls AG in 1979.

Thirty years later, another isophorone unit was inaugurated in Herne, when on June 19, 2007, Evonik’s fourth isophorone chemical unit (three in Herne, one in Mobile) was put into operation after a record-breakingly short construction period. Evonik is a world market leader for isophorone, which is mainly used for manufacturing automotive paints and anti-corrosive substances.

1967 provided a further important momentum:

New Process in Weißenstein

At the Weißenstein plant of Österreichische Chemische Werke AG, today a site of Evonik Degussa Peroxid GmbH, the new hydrogen peroxide unit using the Degussa anthraquinone process was put into operation during the night of October 3. It was officially inaugurated on November 10 in the presence of Austrian chancellor Dr. Josef Klaus and the chairmen of Degussa’s Supervisory Board and Executive Board, Dr. Hermann Richter and Dr. Felix Prentzel, and superseded the old hydrogen peroxide unit operated using the electrolytic process. Today, Evonik Industries produces hydrogen peroxide at 13 sites worldwide; Weißenstein is the oldest production site. 50 YEARS AGO 1967

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