Looking ahead

We don’t know what the world will look like in 2040, but we’re already preparing for it today. Evonik has its own team of futurologists, called Corporate Foresight, for this purpose.

These researchers keep their eyes and ears open for changes and trends in society, technology, ecology, politics, and business. Next, they analyze the opportunities and challenges that will result from them. And they ask what positive or negative consequences these changes will have for Evonik.

This activity sounds like gazing into a crystal ball, but in fact it’s a well-founded science. The futurologists’ forecasts are based on numerous studies and discussions with experts.

Various future scenarios

On the basis of this information, the Corporate Foresight team draws up various future scenarios and asks, “What would happen if these scenarios were to actually happen? What would it mean for Evonik, for its individual business units, and for its products?”

One example is the mobility transition—away from gas and diesel-powered engines and toward alternative drive systems. It’s having an immense impact on the automotive sector and is also affecting suppliers such as Evonik. With the help of its futurologists, Evonik can adapt its strategy early on, develop new products, and thus set its course for the future.

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