25 years ago

Maiden voyage of the "Trans Scandic"

From Belgium to Brazil: In 1996 a tanker vessel of the former Degussa set sail on its maiden voyage for the transport of hydrogen peroxide.

On January 27, the tanker vessel “Trans Scandic” transported hydrogen peroxide from Degussa Antwerp in Belgium to Aracruz in Brazil for the first time. Large tank terminals for hydrogen peroxide were built at both locations. This made the former Degussa the first manufacturer to transport large quantities of hydrogen peroxide worldwide in tanker vessels. Based on this new transportation concept, a corresponding tank facility was also constructed on the St. Lawrence Seaway in the Port of Quebec at Degussa Canada Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Degussa Corporation, USA. On April 9 of the same year it received its first shipment. From here, inland tankers take over the transport to customers in the interior to this day.

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