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March 19, 2013

Evonik: market success through customer proximity

  • Resource-efficient products for the paints and coatings industry and the adhesives and sealants market
  • Evonik Executive Board member Dr. Thomas Haeberle: "We believe the coatings market is a business focus with excellent future prospects."
  • Close collaboration with customers, focus on innovation and customized products
  • Numerous product innovations by Evonik at the European Coatings Show (ECS)

At this year’s European Coatings Show (ECS), to be held from March 19 to 21 in Nuremberg, Evonik will present a number of product innovations for the coatings industry at its exhibit in Hall 7A. The specialty chemicals company is a major, globally active solution provider for the coatings market. Evonik offers a wide range of new products for the coatings and paint industry as well as for adhesives and sealants that provide tangible added value to customers. "The coatings market is a business with excellent future perspectives," says Dr. Thomas Haeberle, member of the Evonik Executive Board and responsible for the company’s Resource Efficiency Segment. "Evonik works with its customers to jointly develop innovative and custom-tailored solutions for their applications. Our products offer solutions that contribute to resource efficiency and sustainability." Evonik is focusing on a global production and resource network.

Evonik to showcase an array of product innovations at the ECS

The specialty chemicals company will be showcasing some of its innovative, resource-friendly products at the European Coatings Show. This will include a new series of polyester resins. DYNAPOL®Terra is a bio-based binder system for organic coil coatings made using regenerative raw materials. The new VP ITO makes a contribution to energy-efficient buildings and vehicles by providing thermal insulation that does not affect the optical transparency of windows. Another of its innovations, TEGOSIVIN®, is an efflorescence-control agent that makes concrete more resistant to frost and de-icing-salt exposure. A crosslinking activator for clear coatings has now been introduced to the TAICROS® family of crosslinkers. The next generation of TEGO® defoaming and deaerating agents will likewise be presented at the show, as will bio-based bonding agents. Last but not least, the DEGAROUTE® brand sees the addition of the next, environment-friendly road-marking solution. The new Dynasylan® SIVO® 140, an organic-inorganic bonding agent for water-based zinc-rich paint from the Functional Silanes Product Group, cures at temperatures as low as 10°C and is nearly solvent-free.

With the new compendium "Matting for solvent-free, UV-curing coatings," Evonik is again proving its outstanding expertise in the area of matting agents. In the publication, experts for the products ACEMATT® and AEROSIL® provide an overview and a detailed discussion of the special challenges of UV-curing matted coatings in an understandable way and offer valuable advice.

Customers in the adhesives and sealants industry can also look forward to a presentation of Evonik innovations for their field. An aqueous dispersion paint with a solids content of almost 50 percent has been added to the VESTOPLAST® family of products. This paint is ideally suited as an anti-corrosive coating or as a coating for cardboard made from recycled paper. Evonik’s Easy Peel Package introduces a new type of packaging to the market. This packaging is easily removed (no melting required) and leaves no residue on the product. New flame-retardant adhesive polyesters in the DYNACOLL® range will help Evonik customers eradicate the costs for additional flame retardants. And DEGALAN® binders now enable direct hot-seal coating on aluminum sheets, thus facilitating the trend for PVC-free packaging in the food industry.

Resource efficiency for the paints and coatings industry Focus on research and development

Dr. Jürgen Lorösch is the spokesman for Evonik’s Paints & Coatings Industry Team. Industry teams at Evonik allow the company to bundle its competencies for the target-addressing of customers in selected markets. Dr. Lorösch emphasizes that, "For Evonik, the specific demands of the customer are always at the center of our efforts. We aim to act as a key development partner for new products, but also for the further development of existing ones." To satisfy this objective, the company invests in research and development and last December opened a new TEGO Innovation Center for paints and coatings in Essen, Germany. Some 90 employees there are now busy researching innovative solutions and products, with a particular focus directed at environmental and resource efficiency. With application-technology laboratories set up around the globe, Evonik provides direct local support to its customers. The most recent of these laboratories with a focus on functional silanes has just been opened in Mumbai, India, while another is scheduled to become operational in Brazil in the near future.

To help it lend growth support to its customers, Evonik is investing both in new facilities and in expanding production capacities at its existing ones. A new facility for the functionalized polybutadienes used in adhesives and sealants is due to start production in Marl in 2013, thus augmenting the range of liquid polybutadienes with the addition of a new functionalized type (POLYVEST® HT). At its Essen site, Evonik will eventually be producing a new class of silane-modified polymers. The new product line will be part of the TEGOPAC® brand, which stands for a new and flexible technology platform for silane-modified polymers. Among other applications, these eco-friendly products serve as bonding agents for a variety of adhesive and sealing applications.

Evonik for the coatings industry

Evonik supplies high-grade specialty chemicals for the paints and coatings and the adhesives and sealants industries. Indeed, it is one of the foremost suppliers to this market. The group stands for the promise to pursue close collaboration with customers in the strive for innovative, effective, and customized solutions for the formulation of cutting-edge paint and coating systems. Evonik is also one of the biggest suppliers for the adhesives and sealants industry, to whom it offers products and solutions to meet the most exacting of formulation demands.

About Evonik

Evonik, the creative industrial group from Germany, is one of the world leaders
in specialty chemicals. Profitable growth and a sustained increase in the value of the company form the heart of Evonik’s corporate strategy. Its activities focus on the key megatrends health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. Evonik benefits specifically from its innovative prowess and integrated technology platforms.

Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world. In fiscal 2012 more than 33,000 employees generated sales of around €13.6 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of about €2.6 billion.


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