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Corporate Press
April 13, 2010

Sustainability meets Innovation: Evonik at In-Cosmetics trade show in Paris

• Inspiring active ingredients
• Natural and biodegradable cosmetic raw materials

The business unit Consumer Specialties of Evonik will be presenting its unique and comprehensive portfolio of Personal Care products at this year’s In-Cosmetics in Paris from April 13 through 15, 2010 at booth number M20 (Hall 3), introducing some innovative products and technologies for skin and hair care.

Following the trend of sustainability, the business line provides a broad portfolio of natural and biodegradable products, such as the new purely-vegetable based emulsifier TEGO® Care PSC 3. It is applicable for a wide pH-range, allowing "green" preservation with organic acids. Its application profile combines mildness, robustness, versatility and cost-efficiency with smooth and caring aesthetics.

As environmental awareness grows, more focus is placed on new and effective ways to reduce emissions and conserve energy in the production process. In response to this growing need, Evonik Personal Care is the only supplier to commercialize biotechnologically-derived cosmetic esters. This production route uses 60 percent less energy than conventional chemical processes and reduces the formation of pollutants by up to 88 percent. TEGOSOFT® OER, a new enzymatically produced emollient with caring properties and a smooth, non-oily skin feel, will be presented at IN-COSMETICS. This product is easy-to-formulate and can be incorporated into both O/W and W/O-systems.

Additionally, in order to respond to the megatrend of anti-aging products, Evonik Care Specialties will launch a novel active ingredient for such applications. Within the anti-aging market segment, hyaluronic acid has been a widely-used ingredient in many product formulations. With this market standard in mind, Evonik Care Specialties decided to launch another product based on its very pure hyaluronic acid. Beside the moisturizing HyaCare® and the tight junction strengthening HyaCare® 50, a topical wrinkle smoother – HyaCare® Filler CL – will be added to its actives range. It is based on a unique cross-linked polysaccharide made from fermentation-derived Hyaluronic acid. HyaCare® Filler CL contributes to the reduction of facial wrinkles and fine lines, as well as increases the elasticity of the skin. Because of its high water-binding and strong short-term moisturization properties, HyaCare® Filler CL supports effectively the hydration of the skin. It can be used for all anti-aging applications where an instant effect as well as moisturization is desired, e.g eye creams and facial serums.

To broaden the choice of botanical based ingredients and to widen formulation possibilities, Evonik will add another plant extract to its portfolio. TEGO® Xymenynic is a highly purified phytochemical compound extracted from Sandalwood seeds. It relies on the efficacy of Xymenynic acid to boost cellular detoxification mechanisms and to alleviate adverse symptoms of skin inflammation. The beneficial effects provided by TEGO® Xymenynic include increased skin firmness and a minimized appearance of cellulite. It can be used for anti-cellulite products as well as for skin firming applications.

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