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September 4, 2008

Your Singular Needs, all from a Single Source at a Single Booth: Evonik Industries Showcases its Versatility at the NIP Conference

When widely different specialty chemical products that are indispensable for digital printing are marketed by a single company, it can only be of advantage to customers. Evonik Industries is one such company, its Inorganic Materials Business Unit now offers, from a single source, the full range of inorganic materials required for laser and inkjet printers. This makes for a very good reason that Evonik is once again exhibiting in all its facets at this year's NIP (Non-Impact Printing), the International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) between September 7 and 12. The market for this industry has enjoyed steady growth over the years — at an annual global rate of 8 percent, one might even say exponential. A reason for this is the rapidly increasing use around the world of laser and inkjet printers, both in the home and in the commercial and industrial sectors. “Evonik is highly innovative in the area of digital imaging and regularly offers a number of novel products,” says Dr. Steffen Hasenzahl, who as marketing director for Non-Impact Printing is organizing the trade show exhibit. “So we will be represented in Pittsburgh at a large booth by employees from all over the world.” Evonik is pleased to open the conference on Monday morning, September 8, with a key note speech on toner additives by Dr. Paul Brandl, head of Research and Technical Service in Asia.

Although their new corporate name may be unfamiliar, Evonik is hardly a newcomer to this industry. Building on its solid reputation as the former Degussa it enjoys an extensive brand familiarity. In addition to AEROSIL ® fumed silica and AEROXIDE ® fumed metal oxides, which as external additives improve the flowability and chargeability of toners, Evonik Industries has yet another ace up its sleeve in Pittsburgh: it has developed its own range of pigment blacks for contactless printing. The products, under the brand name NIPex ®, offer a combination of special optical properties, high purity, and other performance characteristics allowing efficient processability.

In yet another aspect of its broad product portfolio Evonik Industries markets materials essential to non-impact printing media. For instance, a coating with AEROSIL ® gives inkjet paper a unique structure and microporosity. “The paper team at Inorganic Materials has developed an entirely new concept that has led to a major improvement in the inkjet printability of office stationery,” says Dr. Iordanis Savvopoulos, Vice President Technology Solutions. “We've opened up a completely new dimension in gloss and brilliance.” For thermochromic coating of thermal paper used in ATM and cash register receipts, Evonik Industries offers in SIPERNAT ® a precipitated silica that is an effective additive. The Dynasylan ® brand comprises organofunctional silanes that are valuable as adhesion promoters and surface modifiers, even when used in minute amounts.

Evonik Industries will be exhibiting at Booth 200 at the NIP in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, between September 9 and 10. Further information can be requested from

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