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Nutrition & Care
October 17, 2017

Evonik presents new solutions for the cosmetics industry and for cleaning applications at SEPAWA Congress

  • Targeted acquisitions and new developments from company laboratories expand product portfolio
  • TEGO® Solve 90 and TEGO® Feel C 10 improve the properties of cosmetic products and are made from natural raw materials
  • TEGO SORB® Conc. 50 is based on castor oil and stops unpleasant odors

At this year’s SEPAWA Congress Evonik presents an especially broad assortment of ingredients for cleaning agents and cosmetics. In addition to novel products developed as a result of in-house research, the expanded portfolio is also due to the acquisition of multiple companies.

SEPAWA is the leading conference and tradeshow for the laundry detergents and cleaning agents industry and for manufacturers of cosmetics, personal care products, and perfumes. From October 18-20, Evonik will be present at the congress in Berlin at stand B421-423. “The event is a major industry gathering – one that is important to us in terms of both research and development and marketing,” says Tammo Boinowitz, the head of Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line.

Evonik acquired Dr. Straetmans GmbH in the summer of 2017. This specialist for alternative preservation systems will have its own stand in Berlin (A147-148). “Thanks to Evonik Dr. Straetmans, we can now offer our customers complete formulation systems, including preservation. This allows us to help our partners optimize their development work,” says Boinowitz.

Evonik will be presenting two new cosmetic ingredients, TEGO® Solve 90 and TEGO® Feel C 10, which are based on natural raw materials. “We support our partners in their efforts to create cosmetic products that are both highly effective and increasingly sustainable,” says Boinowitz. “Many of today’s consumers are looking for products that offer more than just creative personal-care concepts—they want an impeccable ecological profile as well.”

TEGO® Solve 90 is a COSMOS-certified solubilizer that allows manufacturers to efficiently incorporate a wide array of perfume and essential oils into aqueous formulations. The polyglycerol ester can be cold processed, contains no polyethylene glycol (PEG), and is made entirely from renewable resources such as canola and RSPO-certified palm oil. The exceptionally mild TEGO® Solve 90 is suitable for many, in particular clear formulations, such as shampoos, shower gels, micellar water products, make-up removers, and roll-on deodorants, and has additional moisturizing properties.

Another product innovation is TEGO® Feel C 10, a natural, readily biodegradable replacement for microplastics in leave-on products. This chemically unmodified cellulose fiber can absorb more than its own weight in oil and sebum. When used in sunscreens and personal care products, it keeps the skin from becoming shiny and leaves it feeling pleasant. The fiber does not swell, can be used in oil-in-water formulations as easily as in water-in-oil emulsions, and is also suitable for use in anhydrous products such as cosmetic powders. TEGO® Feel C 10 is produced using green electricity. The raw materials used in its production come from sustainably managed beech and spruce forests in Europe.

Conference attendees in Berlin will have the opportunity to hear two informative presentations on the latest developments in Evonik’s Personal Care unit. On October 18, 2017 (2:45 p.m., Room 2), Christian Hartung, a specialist for rinse-off products, will discuss how nature-based polyglycerol esters can be used for solving a variety of PEG-free solubilization problems. On October 20, 2017 (9:30 a.m., Room 2), Julia Sauer, an expert from Personal Care on product sensory characteristics, will talk about how ingredients and formulation concepts can affect the way cosmetic products feel on the skin.

With the proprietary know-how of the recently acquired specialty additives business of Air Products Evonik presents a number of innovative encapsulation technologies for active cosmetic ingredients. These technologies opened up many new opportunities for innovative product development at Evonik. One is that Evonik’s innovative actives can now be delivered to deeper skin layers to enhance their efficacy.

Evonik also has ingredients that are specially tailored to the needs of customers in the laundry detergents and cleaning agents industry. The expanded product portfolio that Evonik will be presenting has been reinforced over the past year by the acquisition of the specialty additives business of Air Products. Also working in the division’s favor are the innovative ingredients created in its own development laboratories.

One example of these is TEGO SORB® Conc. 50, an odor absorbent made from castor oil. The product contains zinc ions that bind unpleasant odors to form a non-toxic substance. Initial applications for TEGO SORB® include its use in new cars, where it can bind formaldehyde, which can produce a penetrating smell. Air fresheners for refrigerators are an application particularly popular in Asia. In this setting, TEGO SORB® is capable of binding foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide, among other compounds.

Furthermore the Household Care Business Line has developed a unique and innovative formulation specifically designed for convenient car care. The new formulation cleans and protects cars, saves water and raw materials, and reduces waste. The prototype formulation is named ‘Rinse-free Wash & Wax’ and contains 5 Evonik products, from specialty emulsifiers and surfactants to very uniquely modified silicones. It is very easy to formulate as a concentrate, and apply as a Ready-To-Use final dilution. You need only a spray bottle and micro fiber towels.

“These are just a few examples of how we support our partners’ efforts to meet users’ specific demands,” says Xiaolan Wang, who heads up the Household Care Business Line. Its application technology laboratories in China, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Latin America, Germany, and the US allow Evonik to respond particularly well to regional trends and consumer demands.

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Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The focus on more specialty businesses, customer-orientated innovative prowess and a trustful and performance-oriented corporate culture form the heart of Evonik’s corporate strategy. They are the lever for profitable growth and a sustained increase in the value of the company. Evonik benefits specifically from its customer proximity and leading market positions. Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world with more than 35,000 employees. In fiscal 2016, the enterprise generated sales of around €12.7 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of about €2.165 billion.

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The Nutrition & Care segment is led by Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH and contributes to fulfilling basic human needs. That includes applications for everyday consumer goods as well as animal nutrition and health care. This segment employed about 7,500 employees, and generated sales of around
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