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November 19, 2018

Evonik specialty chemicals facilitates construction under Belt and Road

Construction chemicals from Evonik has been successfully applied to the world's largest single span and single pylon cable stayed bridge, the Jinsha River Bridge in Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province, China.

The Jinsha River Bridge sits along the Shangri-La Lijiang Expressway, which is located in a geologically complex terrain with high altitude, where earthquake happens frequently. In such a harsh environment, extremely high strength and improved durability is required for concretes. The ultra-high-performance concrete applied in the main tower has a pumping height of up to 150m, which is incredibly difficult for bridge construction process from technical wise.

Evonik SITREN AirVoid® products from Interface & Performance business line significantly improved the flowability of fresh concrete in this project by effective management of bubbles in concrete, which brought in unbelievable breakthrough in bridge construction process. In addition, SITREN AirVoid® plays an important role in optimizing interior pore structure of hardened concrete, thus providing enhanced performance guarantee for Jinsha River Bridge including long-term mechanical properties, structural safety and durability.

SITREN AirVoid® products are a benchmark in domestic construction market and are widely used in high-speed railways, expressway, bridges, dams, docks and various key projects or civil buildings. The successful application of Evonik construction specialties in the Jinsha River Bridge makes great contributions to “The Belt and Road Initiative” of the Yunnan province, which is defined as “the radiation centre linking South Asia and Southeast Asia”.

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