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Nutrition & Care
October 11, 2018

SEPAWA 2018: Evonik sets store by naturalness

At this year’s SEPAWA Congress in Berlin this week, Evonik presents a product range extended to include natural-based products, aimed at customers in the cosmetics industry as well as manufacturers of detergents and cleaning agents.

“The trend in cosmetics is now much more towards naturalness and sustainability,” says Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, head of Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line. “Customers are increasingly demanding nature-based ingredients and products that contain fewer ingredients overall, even in detergents and cleaning agents,” adds Dr. Xiaolan Wang, who heads Evonik’s Household Care Business Line.

Evonik continues to strongly align its own research and development work for cosmetic raw materials with these trends. In the area of active ingredients for cosmetics, Hairflux® and TEGO® enlight are among the latest product innovations.

Hairflux® has been developed for hair and scalp care to show visible results. Its olive-based ceramide composition makes damaged hair stronger and soothes a damaged, irritated scalp. The product is suitable for use in hair lotions, personal care products for the scalp, and rinses and shampoos for damaged hair. It has also been approved for the Chinese market (CFDA listing).

TEGO® enlight is a product, developed for natural skin brightening. Both of its ingredients, a phytic acid salt obtained from rice bran and an extract of the fruit of white mulberry, possess antioxidant and whitening properties that favorably complement each other. The product can be used to help lighten aging spots and also for general skin whitening.

For cosmetics formulations requiring COSMOS certification, Evonik has two high-performance emulsifiers in its range: ISOLAN® 17 and dermofeel® NC.

ISOLAN® 17 is a plant-based emulsifier for natural W/O systems. ISOLAN® 17 allows production of even the most demanding formulations such as quick-breaking emulsions, aerosols, and sprays. “This opens up a new dimension to our customers in the area of natural cosmetics,” says Boinowitz. The new emulsifier imparts a pleasant, non-oily skin feel and is suitable for producing a very wide range of sensory impressions.

dermofeel® NC, an emulsifier for O/W systems, is also based entirely on renewable raw materials. It functions over a very wide pH range (3.5 to 8.5) and eliminates the need to use polyacrylate-based thickeners.

Evonik also presents at its stand (B433-435), Skinolance®, Evonik’s first microbiotic product for skin care, und RHEANCE® One, the glycolipid for mild but effective cleaning of skin and hair, which is based exclusively on sugar and produced by fermentation.

In Berlin, Evonik also present a wide product portfolio to customers in the detergents and cleaning agents industry. The silicone derivative REWO Scent G 100 is a new product in this range. It helps fabric softeners achieve even greater softness and impart a longer lasting fresh fragrance, whilst using smaller amounts of the active ingredient. An additional benefit is the microemulsion can also be combined with all existing softener ingredients.

“The formulation of detergents and cleaning agents offers many possibilities to meet customers’ demands for more naturalness in household products,” says Dr. Xiaolan Wang, head of Evonik’s Household Care Business Line. „REWO Scent G 100 is a good example of how the same, or even improved performance can be achieved with fewer active ingredients.”

During the Forum for Innovations sessions, specialist visitors to the show are able to learn much more about Evonik’s new products. On October 10, Dr. Kathrin Brandt has spoken on RHEANCE One and Michael Fender will present the new product REWO Scent G100 today, October 11 (in Room 1, at 5.30 pm).

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