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MIDO 2017

Evonik will be at this year’s MIDO in Milan, Italy, presenting an innovative technology for manufacturing eyeglasses frames: IMPLEX is based on TROGAMID®, a transparent, high-performance plastic, and gives eyewear manufacturers more freedom of design. 

Unlike traditional production methods, this novel technology involves cutting the finished frames from a single, curved preform, thus omitting the machining and finishing steps after injection molding. The preform is made ahead of time from multiple functional layers—the base frame made of TROGAMID®, the adhesive and coating layers, or the scratch-resistant film—and can be produced relatively quickly and flexibly, varying both the size of the preform and its radius of curvature.

Design variety with TROGAMID®

IMPLEX wins customers over with easy handling, excellent productivity, and the ability to customize in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. For eyewear manufacturers, the ability to implement designs even more quickly is a major advantage of the innovative technology.

The innovation meets customer demands through its use of two material solutions from Evonik: TROGAMID® CX9704 is a transparent polyamide used for the base frame—its pliability allows manufacturers to vary the shape of the product. The second structural layer, which is made with TROGAMID® CX9711, has excellent processing characteristics and is highly resistant to chemicals.

Cooperation between Evonik and Tungfung

The IMPLEX preform is made ahead of time from multiple functional layers.
The IMPLEX preform is made ahead of time from multiple functional layers.

The development of IMPLEX is based on decades of materials experience that Evonik has amassed in the field of high-performance plastics, along with technical expertise in the optics industry provided by Tungfung, a professional eyewear producer headquartered in Hong Kong. Evonik offers the right material and product expertise, while Tungfung serves as an expert partner in the production of exceptional eyeglasses frames.

Learn more about high-performance plastic TROGAMID® for optical applications at our booth (G61, Hall 2) at MIDO, February 25 – 27, in Milan, Italy.