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They are the main "workhorses” at every construction site

More power for workhorses

Excavators can withstand a lot of stress., where these strong and mobile machines untiringly dig in every kind of weather. Evonik’s DYNAVIS® technology enables hydraulically operated construction machines to be ready for use sooner, achieve more, and last longer.

Whereas conventional hydraulic fluid is too viscous for optimal use when it’s cold, it becomes too thin when it’s heated and can therefore no longer optimally transfer the power.

However, fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology substantially extend the temperature range in which construction machines can operate eff ectively. Cold oil is thinner and hot oil more viscous. The developers at Evonik have demonstrated in tests that this increases the power these machines can use in their work. For the operators of construction machines, doing more work in the same amount of time means that they need less fuel and also spend less money on personnel and equipment. Nine excavators using DYNAVIS®-formulated hydraulic fluids can do the work of ten machines using conventional hydraulic fluid.  

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