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New generation of superabsorbents

With FAVOR®max, Evonik has developed the next generation of superabsorbents with unique properties which make baby diapers and incontinence products even more absorbent and reliable.

With the new superabsorbents from Evonik, hygiene product manufacturers can further improve the performance of their products to meet even better the requirements of diverse customer groups. Evonik will present FAVOR®max at the INDEX17 trade fair which takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, from April 4 to 7.

Just a few grams of the new FAVOR®max high-performance superabsorbent ensure fast absorption of large amounts of fluids and lasting dryness. This is made possible through a finely balanced combination of the superabsorbent’s basic performance parameters, which are adapted to the specific design of the absorbent core. As a result of the optimal interaction with other components of the hygiene product, its performance is improved even more.

FAVOR®max 1000 has been designed for use in ultra-thin diapers. Thanks to the unique profile of the perfectly aligned parameters, the new superabsorbent has improved the fluid dynamics within the absorbent core and has reduced the risk of leakage. This is achieved through greater fluid retention while retaining constant absorption under pressure, combined with permeability and higher absorption speed.

For use in absorbent cores with a high percentage of cellulose, the superabsorbents of the FAVOR®max 2000 product family feature exceptionally high absorption capacity even when under pressure, high retention and absorption speed. When used in incontinence products, the material ensures that large quantities of fluids are absorbed quickly and securely.

To complement these products, the specialists in Evonik’s Baby Care Business Line offer additional solutions. These include, for example, the targeted prevention of odor development, color stability of the superabsorbent material even under challenging climatic conditions, and optimal processability for the customer.

Optimal hygiene products can only be developed once the interaction of superabsorbents, absorbent cores, and other article components is understood. Evonik experts analyze the effectiveness of the superabsorbents using industry-standard test methods that have been developed in house. The focus is on the performance of the material starting with the pure superabsorbent in the development phase and going right up to the finished product.