Evonik’s coatings experts have developed innovative silane-based water-borne systems for the protection of metal surfaces. These binders are particularly eco-friendly, easily applied and highly effective.


Silanes are used in a large variety of high performance coatings, metal treatment and resin systems. Usually known as adhesion promoters they act as a binding agent between organic resins and inorganic substrates. Furthermore, they are used to modify organic resins and even for the synthesis of resins. Recently introduced in the market are water-borne binders on the basis of silanes.


Adhesion promoter between inorganic materials and organic polymers. Used in mineral fiber insulating materials, as additive to the binder system.

Technical Advantages

Functional silanes are performance additives. Their main effects are:

  • surface modification of inorganic particles, fibers or substrates
  • adhesion promotion between inorganic material and organic resins
  • crosslinking of various resin types

Main benefits are:

  • improved corrosion protection due to improved paint adhesion
  • improved mechanical strength, weather resistance, and moisture resistance