Products & Solutions

Evonik Industries

Industry Teams

The industry teams bundle the respective market know-how and create a company-wide overview of the corresponding product portfolio. The goal is to expand and consolidate customer relationships.

Adhesives & Sealants

As one of the leading suppliers for the adhesives and sealants industries, Evonik offers products and solutions that fulfill manufacturers' highest demands in terms of formulations.

Analytics - Laboratory Specialist

Analytics by Evonik see themselves as a troubleshooter that is in direct contact with customers for questions in regard to the pharmaceutical industry and specialty chemicals. 


From crop-protection agents, fertilizers, pesticides, anti-caking, anti-fouling and soil-conditioners to disinfection and aeration agents - Evonik is widely represented in the agriculture industry.


High speed for innovations: The EfA (Evonik for Automotive) was founded in 2004 as a cut surface to the Original Equipment Manufacturers.


Evonik Industries manufactures a range of products that can be found in almost all components of fiber-reinforced composites.


From the roof to the foundation, and from protecting ancient national treasures to building the cities of the future. Evonik has solutions for almost all aspects of construction.


From the anti-caking agent in paprika to natural flavor extracts, amino acids, sodium reduction and functional coatings for food supplements—Evonik is widely represented in the food industry.

Medical technology

Specialty materials for medical technology: As one of the technology leaders in materials design and with more than forty years experience, Evonik offers customized products for the medical sector.

Oil & Gas

Within the three energy markets of upstream, midstream and downstream, Evonik has developed advanced chemistries that enhance production, protect assets and increase value through the hydrocarbon lifecycle.


With its wide product portfolio, local service, and application technology expertise accumulated over decades, Evonik is a strong partner to the tire and rubber industries with production sites worldwide.