Under our KOSMOS® brand we offer a broad range of metal catalysts (including tin, potassium & bismuth based solutions) and other high performance catalysts.

Metal catalysts for PU applications

We include all our metal catalyst products under the KOSMOS® brand, where you can find a large variety of standard tin and potassium catalysts, as well as high performance catalysts. We have carefully developed all our metal catalysts to fulfill the highest requirements, and can provide additional tailored catalyst solutions with a low emission profile for special applications.

Most of our catalysts are sensitive towards moisture and require the correct handling during storage and production to maintain high performance. To ensure you benefit from the best quality, our technical team is happy to assist you and provide training to your staff on how best to handle and formulate with these products. If you do have special requirements for products with low level of impurities, or reports on conflict materials, we recommend you contact us to discuss this further.