POLYVEST® HT is a stereospecific, low viscous and hydroxyl-terminated liquid polybutadiene. It is used in sealing compounds for insulating glass windows, adhesive and sealant compositions, waterproofing membranes and coatings, gap fillers and expansion joints, electrical insulations, potting compounds and many more.

Adhesives and Sealants

POLYVEST® HT is used in adhesive and sealant compositions, electrical insulations such as cable lugs and many more applications due to their excellent chemical and physical properties.  


POLYVEST® is a binder in grouts that are applied as a filler between paving tiles or other paving materials like natural-stones or concrete blocks. POLYVEST® 110 & POLYVEST® 130 based sand filled mortars have a good water penetration and weed control.



POLYVEST® HT, a hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), is the major polymeric binder for high quality PU secondary window sealants for insulated glass units. Due to its low moisture and inert gas permeability and good compatibility with other components, POLYVEST® HT based secondary window sealants achieve highest quality standards.


Sealants for insulated glass units

Technical Advantages

  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids and bases
  • Very good hydrolytic stability
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Low moisture permeability
  • High elongation with good elastic recovery
  • Compatible with high amounts of fillers



Bitumen modification
The addition of POLYVEST® HT to bituminous binders accelerates performance and elongations and makes system cost more efficient.


  • Waterproofing coatings
  • Sealing for water reservoirs
  • Crack Fillers
  • Joint Fillers / Expansion Joints
  • Repair systems for roofing, road surface and building facade or sealant damages

Technical Advantages

  • Very hydrophobic PUR with low water & moisture uptake and low water vapor permeability
  • POLYVEST® HT is highly compatible with bitumen and mineral oil for cost efficient systems and higher elongations
  • Good resistance to acids and bases
  • Liquid-applicable, self-leveling