TEGOSIVIN® contains a broad range of well-established water repellents. Main focus is the integral use of these liquid additives within mineral building materials like e.g. concrete.


Protection of new and renovated concrete surfaces is key to ensure protection against environmental influences.

The right additives can make the difference within concrete structures or additional protective layers. They can have a major influence on the durability and the workability.


Additives for integral protection of concrete structures.

Technical Advantages

Our broad range of performance additives like water repellents, shrinkage reducer, air entrainer or defoamer have a direct impact on the durability of concrete structures. In addition to these performance additives we offer products like TEGO® Antifoam or TEGO® Addibit to improve the properties of other protection products like coatings.

Additives for building materials

With our advanced construction additives we offer solutions that enhance our customers‘ performance and value. Long-term relationships based on trust and face-to-face consulting is the basis of our work.


Integral water repellents for cement-based applications.

Technical Advantages

The use of TEGOSIVIN® water repellents has a positive impact on the durability and the aesthetic properties of cement-based building materials. By the strong reduction of the water uptake and an excellent efflorescence control, negative effects will be avoided.