VESTAMID® NRG offers outstanding performance for high-pressure pipelines, allowing gas suppliers to set up their underground pipeline network effectively without worrying about the need to reduce flow rates.

Gas Distribution Pipelines

For many years, steel was the only material available for gas piping for pressures between 10 and 18 bar. Now VESTAMID® NRG is competing with steel. The polyamide 12 withstands operating pressures of up to 18 bar, making it suitable for distribution lines and industrial connections. Accessories made of the same material are also available.

High performance polymers for outstanding applications

VESTAMID® NRG is a polyamide 12 product specifically developed for energy-efficient oil and gas pipelines.

Technical Advantages
VESTAMID® NRG PA12 has been used for a decade in Various natural gas distribution networks around the world. This system has huge advantages during installation, maintenance, and operation. VESTAMID® NRG pipe is lightweight and easier to handle and transport. Given their inherent flexibility, VESTAMID® NRG pipes can be delivered in coils, thereby reducing the number of joints to create in the field, increasing productivity, and reducing installation costs. Pipes and fittings can be joined by butt fusion and electrofusion, thus reducing installation time and cost. VESTAMID® NRG pipes can be used with an array of low-cost, trenchless rehabilitation techniques, including horizontal directional drilling, slip lining, pipe bursting, etc. Using these techniques more pipes can be installed in a shorter period than using conventional installation methods. VESTAMID® NRG piping systems do not require expensive active or passive corrosion protection, thus significantly reducing investment and maintenance costs.