Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PUR resins and elastomers / Cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for extremely durable coatings

Flooring and coatings for concrete protection

VESTANAT® is a product portfolio of polyisocyanates cross-linkers and prepolymers for the formulation of decorative and protective polyurethanes. They find their application in top coats and sealers where excellent weathering durability, specific surface properties (like scratch resistance) and mechanical properties (flexibility) are required.


VESTANAT® for decorative and protective top layers, 1K moisture cure as well as 2K cure

Technical Advantages

  • excellent weathering durability and mechanical properties
  • application in thin layers/coat onto epoxy based primer/flooring to achieve several specific surface effects like scratch resistance, matt surface, slip resistance

Sealant systems

VESTANAT® is a product portfolio of cycloaliphatic di-and polyisocyanates suitable for the formulation of PUR or SPUR sealant systems. VESTANAT® di-isocyanate monomers are used for manufacturing of prepolymers used in sealant applications.


VESTANAT® for PUR systems in 1K and 2K sealant systems

Technical Advantages

  • UV resistance
  • excellent flexibility
  • chemical resistance
  • long pot life