VESTENAMER® has been used as an additive in the rubber industry for years. By virtue of its properties, the versatile polyoctenamer can solve a variety of problems in the compounding and processing of rubber. It can also improve the dynamic properties of the vulcanized material and as well be used to recycle waste rubber.

Road Building

Evonik is providing a broad range of technologies to serve the road construction industry. VESTENAMER® and TEGO® Addibit products provide solutions for today‘s requirements such as durability, reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and thus support sustainable road construction and maintenance.


Rubber modified bitumen/asphalt

Technical Advantages

The use of ground-tire-rubber (GTR) in asphalt significantly enhances performance and durability of road surfaces. Processing of rubber-modified bitumen and asphalt is often challenging. VESTENAMER® as an additive overcomes such challenges fundamentally, leading to much easier processing and even better performance. Using the VESTENAMER®-effect, an ecologically and economically reasonable resource like GTR, can be turned into a top performing road construction material.