Concrete injection

Evonik’s VESTAMIN® grades are the basis of many flooring and concrete injection formulations well known in the industry for performance and long term reliable products. Ancamine®, Ancamide® and Anquamine® are formulated curing agents for epoxy systems fine tuning and differentiating innovative technologies of solvent free and waterborne construction products. On top of these epoxy products vestanat provides the basis for high end color stable polyurethane topcoats.


Ancamide® curing agents offer a range of amidoamines and adducts with varying reactivity, viscosity, cure speed and chemical resistance. Known for their adhesion to concrete and performance under humid conditions.


Evonik’s Ancamine® portfolio offers a range of cycloaliphatic and N-alkylated amine technologies. Used with liquid epoxy resin for high performance concrete injection.


VESTAMIN® is a product portfolio of specific amines suitable for the formulation of epoxy curing agents. They find their applications in concrete injection systems where frictional bond of damaged concrete structures has to be established.