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Protecting Manhattan

Hot summers, cold winters, the sea on the doorstep, and people wherever you look: Although New York City never sleeps, it still looks darn good.

Manhattan probably is the best-known city district in the world. New York’s heart throbs with more than a million inhabitants and millions of visitors. However, the many people, the proximity of the sea, and the great temperature fluctuations throughout the year are very stressful for the buildings in Manhattan. PROTECTOSIL® from Evonik demonstrates its capabilities in three prominent projects that differ greatly from one another. One of them can be found at Times Square, which has been completely redesigned. The paver blocks and granite benches are now protected against dirt, bubble gum, and graffiti by PROTECTOSIL®. At the World Trade Center/Cortlandt subway station, the product protects “Chorus,” a work of art by Ann Hamilton, against soiling. “Chorus” was made by Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt in Munich and is a marble mosaic that passersby can touch with their hands. The latest project is Little Island next to Pier 55. It’s an artificial park that rests on concrete pilings in the Hudson River. PROTECTOSIL® prevents water from penetrating into the construction material in order to provide the reinforced concrete structure with long-term protection. PROTECTOSIL® can effectively protect almost any mineral material, including concrete, sandstone, and brick. And it does so everywhere, not only in New York.

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